Released at: April 07, 2017
Contact: Helen Moon

Moving Pittsfield Forward

As you know, Pittsfield is a very special city. It has a beautiful history, rich in industry and progress. Surrounded by lakes and mountains, the city is now revitalizing itself with culture and the arts. Along with the cultural and physical landscape, Pittsfield perseveres to shape a dynamic and approachable future for its residents. However, Pittsfield also has some real limitations that need to be addressed  for the sustainability of this city. And we need leaders who will address these limitations with fresh and creative ideas. It is time for #ANewVoice.

As a City Councilor, I will work hard to address 5 specific areas: 

  1. Transportation - While beautiful, Pittsfield, and Berkshire County as a whole, is a difficult place to maneuver if you don’t have access to a car. There should be more bus stops, increased routes and longer hours so that individuals have the ability to access transportation to meet their daily needs. In addition, we should work hard to increase the accessibility of ride shares like Lyft and Uber.  

  2. Education - Young families are drawn to areas with both low crime rates and solid educational systems. Studies repeatedly show that education and crime are strongly correlated. I want to work hard to support the teachers in our public school system, to ensure that they stay motivated and excited for our students. We also have the unique ability to utilize Taconic High School as the premier vocational school for central and south Berkshire County. A quick search on shows over 1,000 available jobs across Berkshire County including positions for skilled laborers. The pieces are there, can we work to align the available education and training to the jobs on hand so that all Pittsfield residents can have access a good quality of life?

  3. Springside House and Park - Springside Park is Pittsfield’s biggest park, measuring at 237.5 acres. It is a local treasure. Collaborating with various Springside Park advocates, I want to focus energy on preserving, enhancing and maintaining an area that families, friends, and visitors can enjoy.

  4. Housing - Pittsfield has the space and opportunity to provide all of our residents with appropriate accommodations. I will work to create both market rate housing, which allows us to recruit young professionals to the area, as well safe and affordable housing.  Pittsfield land lords would be held accountable to keeping their properties safe and clean. 

  5. Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) - Pittsfield has a special opportunity to invest in the Tyler Street area to encourage economic development through MassDevelopment. With city planners, I will continue to advocate for the planning and execution of improving Tyler Street. Through TDI, we can enhance the area by implementing better lighting, more walkability, and a friendly streetscape. In addition, transportation and market rate housing will aid in the effectiveness of revitalizing our Morningside neighborhood. 


Above all, I want to work towards creating a safe and affordable place so that all of our residents can grow and prosper. With critical thinking, and in collaboration with my neighbors and peers, I believe that this is an attainable goal. Let's work together to move Pittsfield forward. 

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